Tuesday, 18 September 2018 14:14

How live chat helps your website generate leads

In this day and age, just about every business is looking for a way to gain a competitive edge when it comes to digital marketing. More leads, more site traffic, and better search engine rankings are at the top of everyone’s priority list. But making those three things happen is usually easier said than done. There are so many variables that go into creating an effective website and digital marketing strategy that it can be hard to decide what’s worth your time, and what just isn’t. If you’re looking for a way to keep site viewers on your web pages for longer, and boost your conversion rates, then you might want to look into live chat.

Over the last two decades, the CRM industry has evolved into a thriving global phenomenon. In 2016 alone, CRM software totaled $36 billion in estimated value. In addition, its value is projected to exceed $40 billion by the end of 2017. That’s not all – here are some other surprising facts you probably didn’t know about CRM.

When your site's visitors want to contact you via widget, you do not always have the option to answer the computer at this time. That's why websites can lose a lot of potential customers.

The benefits of a CRM software are immeasurable when you consider the impact it has on your overall customer service experience, marketing, and sales. The challenge, however, comes with deciding whether or not your company will indeed gain value from investing in a customer relationship management system.

As with any ongoing business expenditure, it pays to do your research and get the real facts in numbers.   Here are 9 statistics that will not only show you the figures, but motivate you to invest in a CRM software that will generate improved results for your business.